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Spray Tan FAQ'S

How does spray tanning work?

The active ingredient in all self-tanners is DHA (dihydroxyacetone) which is approved by the FDA for external use. It is derived from sugar beets or cane sugar and is a key active ingredient for natural self-tanners. The skin-browning effect is the result of a nontoxic chemical reaction between DHA and the amino acids which are part of the keratinous layer of the skin’s surface. 

How to prep for your Spray Tan session

 1. Exfoliate your skin the day before or even for a few days leading up to the day of your session.


Exfoliation is very important. Applying a spray tan on uneven skin could cause blotchiness as the tan fades. It is recommended to use exfoliating gloves (available for purchase in the studio). Refrain from a scrub that contains oils unless it is more than a day before your appointment. 

2.  Perform any waxing, pedicures or shaving at least 24 hours before.

Manicures and pedicures must be done at least a day before the spray tan session. If it is on the same day, you cannot have any lotions or oils applied to your body, as these create a barrier that prevents the spray tan solution from being absorbed and WILL CAUSE STREAKS ON YOUR LEGS.

3. Do not receive massage services the day before your session. The oil will prevent the tan from being even and will cause it to streak.

4. Do not apply any soaps (especially Dove), oils, lotions, perfumes or deodorant to the skin the day of the tan. These can create a barrier preventing the spray tan from fully developing or resulting in patching or streaking.

5. ** Do NOT shower and exfoliate right before application.  Doing so can result in a lighter tan and a patchy development.  Additionally, scrubs, exfoliants, soaps, hair conditioners, shampoo, shaving cream and other products leave an invisible film on the skin. This can affect the tan and result in a patchy or streaky application.

If you shower before your application (although it is NOT advised), do a quick rinse at least 5 hours before your session. Do not use soap or body wash.

What to wear DURING your spray tan session

Please dress to your comfort level during your session. (EX bikini, undergarments, disposable items)

Some choose to tan nude to avoid tan lines. 

What to wear AFTER your spray tan session

  • Wear loose, dark clothing

  • Flip flops are best for footwear (Heels, slides or strappy sandals are not recommended as they can leave marks on your feet and cause the tan to rub off)

  • Refrain from wearing tight clothes such as yoga pants, jeans, tight shorts, tight tank tops and anything with an elastic waist band.

  • If it's raining, please bring an umbrella to avoid any streaking.

  • Avoid red fabric.  The red dye will have a reaction with the spray tan and can cause it to turn green.

Post tan instructions

(how long will it take for color to develop)

Bring a towel to put on your car seat to prevent sweating or sticking to seats.

Your tan will take 8-24 hours to fully develop. Your skin will have an instant bronzed color due to the cosmetic bronzer in the tanning solution. During your first shower, it is normal to see bronzer rinse off the skin.   

  • Regular tan: Shower at least 8 hours after being sprayed or you risk developing extremely light. (Make sure pets do not lick you)

  • Rapid tan: Rinse off between 1-4 hours depending on darkness you are looking to achieve. After rinsing, it can be normal to look like there is no color. The rapid tan will continue to darken over 24 hours for full color development.

  • When rinsing, refrain from using loofas, washcloths, or anything that is exfoliating. Avoid bar soaps (particularly Dove) containing Sodium Lauryl (Laureth) Sulfate (SLS) 

  • To avoid the risk of developing an unnatural or orange color, DO NOT leave the tan on for longer than recommended 

Refrain from breast feeding (if tanning topless) 


Shaving cream can break down the tan quicker.

Perform any waxing at least 24 - 48 hours prior to your spray tan session

Avoid hot tubs and swimming for long periods of time.

After showering, pat your skin dry with a towel; do not rub

Moisturize at least 2x a day with our Perfect Glow Sunless luxury body lotion for best results

Because the spray tan is applied to the outer layers of the skin, anything type of exfoliation will remove the tan.

Can I use soap?

Use of bar soaps before or after your spray tan (particularly Dove soap) will cause the tan to fade and become patchy. It can also leave an invisible film preventing development of the spray tan. 

How can I make the tan last longer?

  • Refrain from bar soaps (especially Dove)

  • Moisturize a minimum of 2x a day.

  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water.

  • Soaps and many-body lotions contain SLS and drying alcohols that will strip and fade the tan.

How long will the color last?

The tan should last anywhere from 4-9+ days.

The longevity will vary from person to person due to varying factors:

  • hormones

  • skin pH

  • pre tan prep

  • post tan care

  • level of client activity (i.e. sports, exercise, etc) 

  • amount of exfoliation

Can I swim with self tanner on?

Swimming can fade or remove the sunless tan. If you have water activities planned, it is recommended to purchase the Gradual Tanner, then apply nightly before going to bed.

How Long do I have To Wait To Exercise

You can exercise after you have rinsed

  • While the tan is developing, do not exercise or perform activities that will cause you to sweat.

  • Refrain from skin to skin contact until you have showered.

Working out and sweating will cause your tan to fade quicker. Sports bras, sneakers and socks can remove the tan quicker in those areas.

Are your products safe for pregnant women?

It is the clients' responsibility to check with their doctor to review the ingredients and follow the advice of their medical professional before use of any cosmetic product. An ingredient list can be provided upon request.

Do I still Need To Use Sunscreen?

YES!! There is no SPF protection from a spray tan.  We do not recommend aerosol sunscreen

Do I Need To Moisturize?

Yes! Moisturizing is crucial as it will delay natural exfoliation which will prolong your tan. The best options are free of alcohol and SLS as those ingredients can fade the tan in patches and cause it to look blotchy.

How to remove a sunless tan

A hot tub is the quickest and best way to remove a spray tan or self tanner


Bathtub removal

  • Apply baby oil to the areas you want to remove the tan

  • Cover up with old clothes and leave the baby oil on minimum 30 minutes

  • Add 2 cups of Epsom salt to a warm bath (Epsom salt is also beneficial for tired or sore muscles, reducing inflammation and helping your body to rid toxins.)

  • While soaking, gently scrub with exfoliating gloves and/or a body scrub.

  • Rinse off in shower

  • The friction of drying with a towel can help remove any remaining tan

  • You may need to repeat this process until all self tanner has been removed

Note: Do not use this technique on the same day you plan to spray tan or apply self tanner as the oils can create a barrier on the skin, preventing the self tan from developing properly


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